NordHill Immobilien AG is a family owned business with a great legacy within the real estate industry. The family has owned, redeveloped and managed residential and commercial properties in a variety of countries in Europe for more than 50 years. The extensive experience and knowledge is reflected in all our undertakings. Key for our success is our extensive network of highly reliable and professional partners supporting our activities.

The Vision
The vision of NordHill Immobilien is to offer properties with a unique ambiance by embracing the skills of architects in the northern hemisphere for using light to compose inviting residential and commercial space in key urban areas and tourism destinations.

The Business Concept
Identify, invest and refine mature properties with imminent redevelopment potential in key urban areas and developing tourism areas. Further explore the opportunities to transform those properties to inviting residential space and optimize the use of living space to accommodate the increased number of people who enjoy living in urban residential areas and who enjoy visit attractive tourism destinations.

NordHill Immobilien enjoys a passion for accommodating the need and wishes of the modern urban lifestyle. The customer is in the center of all redevelopments and renovations to assure that living space corresponds to our customers constantly developing needs.

The location of the properties is of great importance and our clear focus is to invest in properties in areas offering extensive connectivity and a wide palette of amenities within close range. Investments are in general limited to major cities and key tourism destinations in the German speaking area of Switzerland.